Safer and easier: the closed system and fully automated process make medical waste treatment safer and easier to operate.

Low operation cost: world lowest medical waste operating cost at 0.15/kg

On-site treatment: prevent the risk of secondary infection

Low maintenance cost: patented technologies of easily disassembled shredder largely shortens the maintenance and blades changing time.

Odor control: advanced odor control technology ensures a clean ambient of hospital and medical waste treatment facilities.

Long lifespan: heavy-duty design and key parts from world famous brands ensures a long term run.

Gient Monitoring Center (GMC): smart technology realizes remote online support.

On-site Medical Waste Disposal Solution for Hospitals

Integrated autoclave with shredder is an ideal solution for hospitals and healthcare centers to safely dispose infectious medical waste. First of all, Shredder is a system integrated with autoclave and shredder, which completes the sterilization process and shredding process in one closed vessel, so that it ensures a clean ambient and safe operation. Secondly, Sh edder has a complete automated treatment process, thus the reliance of a professional operation team can be substantially reduced. Moreover, thanks to the compact and practical design, Shre der requires a minimum space to install and a b sic infrastructure to operate. Therefore, hazardo s medical waste can always be treated in hospital and healthcare centers in time without transportation of medical waste or secondary risk of infection.

Off-site Medical Waste Disposal Solution for Centralized Facilities

Shredder is widely used in centralized medical waste facilities as well, and the treatment capacity is up to 5 tons per day. Manpower is largely reduced due to its automated process s for operating this system, meanwhile, the odor is significantly reduced because of the closed an compact design.


Shredding prior to steam sterilization


Hospital installation as well as medical waste treatment facilities


Shredding and sterilization in a closed and compact system, built-in shredder easy to disassemble