ESTEEM is providing Deep Freezer with different capacities, non-frost and canned door locked. Electronic controls and digital alarm Equipment designed for Research Laboratories. Galvanized steel sheet body with epoxy paint and high density vacuumed polyurethane foam as insulation, outer double door with locking facility.

  • Chest type available Horizontal/Vertical Version Inner chamber S.S. 316 L. Double door to avoid temperature loss. Upright freezer having rugged construction with heavy gauge, cold-rolled steel exterior and powder coated paint finish, ergonomic with lockable door handle.

  • Type of Deep Freezer -80 °C & -86°C  Chest/Vertical available size of from 250 Ltr up to 1050 Ltr capacity.
  • System will be Programmable operating temperature from -40°C up to - 90°C with 1°C increment.
  • It will be an energy efficient system with power consumption ≤ (less than or equal to)12 KWh/ day under standard test conditions (Empty freezer with shelves fitted, set point -80°C & -86°C. under 15-32°C ambient conditions),
  • System will be fully functional in operating temperature range (ambient Temperature) from 15° C up to 32°C.
    • Homogeneous temperature distribution /uniformity throughout all shelves (top to bottom) with maximum deviation from set-point of ±5 °C.
    • Fully programmable microprocessor controlled with membrane touch screen keypad
    • Each freezerwill be having a standard voltage stabilizer compatible with the instrument
    • Construction will be of Polyurethane foam/VIP.
    • Outer surface of freezer will be made up of powder coated /painted steel to resist both scratch and rust. Interior will be polished and fabricated with 304 stainless steel (SS)for easy cleaning and which also eliminates any potential cause reason for oxidation (rusting)
    • Heated air Vent with ice-cleaning plunger prevents vacuum formation, allowing the door to be quickly & effortlessly opened anytime in the day.
    • Freezer will be with 4 compartment with four  adjustable height stainless steel  shelves and inner doors with magnetic closures /latches locked, insulated for less sample exposed to environment ,energy saving and more options available for separations of different samples.
    • Each system will have lockable castor wheels for easy movement of equipment.
    • Noise level is less than 60 dB
    • Ultra low Freezer is having security keyed locks on the outer doors and lids to keep out unauthorized users and password protection
    • On off switch and On off alarm shall be lockable for safety of accidental shut-off
    • Freezer must use natural refrigerant (HFC-Free, CFC-Free, HCFC-Free and, details ofcategory of natural refrigerant to be provided). Refrigeration system must be energyefficient and hermetically sealed two stage cascade refrigeration system.
    • Freezer is of ISO 9001 standard quality test requirements and certified declaration of conformity. Model of same product shall be mentioned in attached certificate ROHS/WEEE Compliance required.
    • The company will provide the GMP compliant documents for Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ) and perform IQ, OQ and PQ at the user's site. The hard and soft copies of these documents will be provided.
    • Four (4) freezers will have provision for CO2 based temperature backup system including cylinder, for protecting samples long power shut in unforeseen events.
    • Each equipment will be supplied with built-in circular temperature chart recorder. Quote would also include additional pens & charts required during warranty period.
    • Temperature recorder software would be supplied for real time monitoring of data for each Freezer and it would give message in mobile if deviates from set point.
    •  Compartments of each freezer will be supplied with stainless steel racks, PPcryo Boxes, 4 Nos Storage Boxes for 15&50ml Tubes for freezing up to -86°C for Each Freezer Plastic Boxes with racks for four compartments shall be supplied
    • Esteem will supply 2000 Nos. of 1.8/2.0 ml. sterile, pre-capped cryogenic vials along with each instrument
    • Personal protective equipment shall be provided to avoid cold burns while handling materials (2 sets per unit)
    • FDA/ CE / WHO Certification will be provided. 
  • Other Documents required along with the equipment:


    • Operating Manual 2 Sets. Process & Instrumentation Diagram Refrigerant Circuit.
    • General Arrangement, Dismantling & Assembly drawings.
    • Electrical Wiring drawings. Control wiring drawings.
    • Maintenance & Instrumentation Manual
    • Instrument calibration certificates and test reports of compressors from manufacturer.
    • List of Spare parts - Chart recorder. Sensor etc.
    • MOC certificates for inner and outer surface.
    • Vendor will provide Factory test report certificates like Refrigerant leakage. Chamber integrity etc.



Papers of strip chart recoder

Pendrive for data storage