ESTEEM is providing freezer, frozen and canned door locked. Electronic controls and digital alarm Equipment designed for Research Laboratories. Inner Chamber of Alumininum finish; sufficiently thick to minimize heat loss. Chest type available Horizontal/Vertical Version Inner Acrylic door to avoid temperature loss.


Capacity:(Can be customized)

a)     250 Litre

b)     300 Litre

c)      350 Litre

d)     450 Litre

e)     650 Litres


Temperature range:

a) Deep Freezer –    -20?C to -40?C

Temperature control:

a) Thermostat/Digital Controller.
b) mP (Micro) Digital Temperature Controller cum indicator.


To be stored in A.C. Rooms & Use of AVS/Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer is strongly recommended.


 Inner Chamber is made of Stainless steel sheets and is insulated with high density expanded polyurethane (PUF) insulation for minimum temperature loss. Outer M.S. Sheet body pretreated & duly power coated.

  • Audio/Visual alarm provided for rise in temperature.
  • Castor wheels for case of mobility.
  • Refrigeration system and electrical circuit easily serviceable.
  • Suitable to work on 230V, Single Phase, 50 HZ, AC supply.


Strip chart recorder 

Pend drive to record the data