ESTD-102 ESTEEM is providing Deep Freezer with different capacities, canned door locked. Electronic controls and
digital temperature with alarm facility high & low temperature,Equipment designed for Research Laboratories.
Inner Chamber of SS-304/316 Outer SS-304 Extremely efficient Insulation, sufficiently thick to minimize heat loss.
Chest type available Horizontal/Vertical Version Inner Acrylic door to avoid temperature loss.

Capacity : 120 to 400 Liter.



Temperature range:

a) Deep Freezer : -10 to -25 Degree.
b) Ultra Low Freezer (with Cascade Freezer System)

Temperature control:
a) Thermostat/Digital Controller.
b) (Micro) Digital Temperature Controller cum indicator.


Inner Chamber is made of SS sheets 304/316 and (PUF) insulation 60mm for minimum temperature loss.
Outer also with SS. Sheet 304

Salient features:
Audio/Visual alarm provided for rise in temperature high & low.
Castor wheels for case of mobility with breaking.
Refrigeration system and electrical circuit easily serviceable.
CFC free Refrigeration system
Suitable to work on 230V, Single Phase, 50 HZ, AC supply.


Temperature range -10 to -25 Degree.
• Capacity would be between 120 to 400 Litres
• Have LED Temperature Display & Alarm system
• Have Quick freezing function (setting up to -25°C) with one minute door opening recovery to- 25°C
less than 15 Minute.
• Peak variation from set- point would not be more than +3.5/-2°C with uniformity of 3°C
• Environmental friendly natural Hydrocarbon (HC) GAS compressor.
• Have sealed drawers to prevent frost loss from open door
• Have high accuracy PT-1000 digital temperature controller with alarms.
• Inner surface made up of medical grade compression molded plastic
• Outer body made up of high grade polished galvanized steel
• Have solid state digital temperature controller with alarms
• Have minimum 6 adjustable baskets / shelves
• Have Low energy consumption(Below \7 kw-hr/day) and noise levels
• Energy efficient due to insulated Panel with CFC free high core density so that warm up time from -
05°C to -25°C should be more than 5 hr.
• CE certified
• Instrument would be supplied complete with standard accessories and suitablevoltage stabilizer.
• Standerd Warranty: 3 year . or Require as on Tender Bid Document.