As Per Tender Specification:-


  • Blood collection and transportation van (BCTV) need to be specially design vehicle for specific provision of blood donation, collection and proper Blood transportation as per regulatory norms and guidelines BCTV will be equipped with all medical equipments required to conduct/ support voluntary blood donation in mobile camps.
  • To ensure and maintain blood quality through temperature stability and safety from in transit spoilage there should be separate provision of an active blood refrigeration unit which can maintain optimum temperature range of +2° to +8°C (as recommended by health regulatory norms)
  • BCTV need to be well equipped blood donor couches and shall maintain pleasant ambiance & hygiene. The internal design / fitment is planned to sustain in-transit road conditions temperature fluctuations in diverse weather conditions.
  • Mobile blood van fabricated on a suitable chassis to accommodate 02 blood donor couch
  • BCTV body insulation: tohave  PUF/ PU min 12mm thick or thermocol min. 40mm thick or equivalent insulation for reduction of heat and noise within the blood donor compartment
  • As per RTO guidelines & the vendor will be responsible to get the registration of vehicle and the Vehicle should be supplied on basis of ‘ON ROAD’ Delivery of ready vehicle to client destination

The further specification is as follows:-

  • Blood Collection and Transportation Van (BCTV) should be BS-IV
  • The length of VAN should be between 18 to 22ft
  • The vehicle width should be minimum 2200mm to accommodate donor couches as well as space for operating the blood collection monitor and the movement of the technician and blood donors. Registration counter as well as seating arrangements for five people is required. Construction should be modular and as per the international healthcare standards.
  • Additional automotive Air conditioner should be provided to run on outside electricity. In case of unavailability of electricity separate silent 3 KVA Generator to be provided. Cost of Generator Should be mentioned separately.
  • All equipment’s should be preferably AC & DC operated including fans (With convertor) BCTV should be Engine Driven Air Conditioned
  • the van would be proper storage and sitting arrangements
  • The Van would be property equipped with proper storage & sitting arrangements.
  • Upholstery/flooring/lighting arrangement etc. should be latest & maintaining the décor.
  • Flooring:10mm marine plywood with 1.5 mm thick vinyl for flooring
  • Wooden cabinet: Would have adequate storage as multi capacity 15 cabinets and drawers (with labels/ marking) for keeping blood reagents surgical disposables, portable medical equipments. Separate cabinets (with markings) for registers and files, stationary, IEC material pamphlets/ posters’, housekeeping cloth/ mops etc. Upper drawer with top opening and lower drawers with front opening with magnetic lock and key locks for each drawer.
  • Wooden / plywood pantry:-Water proof plywood covered with Formica drawers and shelves for storage and S.S top with inbuilt basin, insulated water camper with tab and proper pipeline for waste water drainage.
  • Donor resting chair: Water proof plywood covered with Formica good quality heatlon with U foam covered with good quality foam coated Rexene with hand rest and seat arrangement with folding to get proper storage underneath.
  • Coach Fans:-AC power fans-4 nos. 240 volts power operated 10” coach fans with white color blades and stainless steel / color coated grill. There would be short-circuiting as well as overload protection through fuses
  • 1.5 KVA  Sine wave inverter:-Battery                 02 battery system

Input DC Range   21-28.4

Efficiency           >80%

(On battery mode)


Overload            110%

Short-circuit               300%

Protection 11A ± 1A(Standard)

14A ±1A(High)

  • Extra cable for outside AC power: -20 meter, four core cable, ISI marked with strong insulation and three pin sockets for both end.
  • Proper registration space will be made available:-
  • Miscellaneous:

        Emergency light

        Hot water electric cattle

        Mosquito repellent 03 nos.

        Digital wall clock

        Dustbins: 02nos

        Foot mat: 03 nos

        Water bottle holders:03nos

  • There would be provision for Air conditioner during the Blood donation period also.
  • 1.5 KVA Sine wave inverter and Battery for 02 to 03 hrs. Backup on full load.
  • The mobile Van will be equipped with following as per specifications provided by GOI:
  • Blood collection Monitor: 02 nos
  • Blood donor Couch , motorized with tilting arrangements:- 02 nos
  • Portable Blood Refrigerator: 01nos preferably 40 to 60 bags
  • Table top tube sealer: 01 nos
  • Tube stripper: 01nos
  • BP apparatus: 01 nos

        Weighing balance