Material of enclosure of bedside locker : Stainless Steel.

Material of cabinet and drawer : Stainless Steel.

Finishing : Power coated.

Frame tube material : Stainless Steel.

Section frame tube : Rectangular.

Overall height range(mm) : 650mm(+/- 2.5%)

Overall width range (mm) : 850mm (+/-2.5%)

Overall depth range (mm) : 375mm (+/-2.5%)

Painting : powder coating.

Material of Cabinet and drawer : SS

Esteem Biosafety Cabinet is the latest state-of-the-art biohazard safety cabinet designed and manufactured to meet the NSIC standard requirements.Attention has been paid to ergonomics - such as low noise, comfortable lighting system and inherently safe double-balanced laminated glass sash. It also comes with diagnostics software that allows the user to closely monitor the product performance and custom set uv-timer, warm-up and post-purge period duration.

Available as per requirement.