A Walk-through chamber for sanitizing the whole human body from head to toe. A fully automatic Disinfecting Chamber that can sitch on and off by using sensor technology. This machine has a capacity to 24 person per min. This machine is installed with a 10 liter tank and it operates on the lowest consumption of the sanitation consumable. The chemical fumes will sanitize the body surface, clothes and the things carried by the person walking through the chamber. There is a hand sanitizer at the end of the machine or chamber.

Dimensions:16x 4.92x6.98 feet
Tank Capacity: 10 Liters
Sensor Type- Thermal
Power Requirement: 1 HP
Centrifugal Pump: 1 Unit
Nozzles: 6-8 Per unit.
The cabin works automatically with green light turning on to let the user step into the cabin and undergoes a disinfection period twice within 15 minutes. The antiseptic solution can disable germs on some surfaces including clothing or mobile and prevent possible contraction of Covid-19. The disinfectant cabin is considered a solution that helps handle sanitization demands at some public place such as schools and hospitals.The mobile cabin, which is expected to serve as many as 1,000 people daily. The chamber is also equipped with lights for illumination for night time operations. There is also a separate operator cabin for overall operation monitoring.