Suitable for O/T, Nursing Homes, Research Labs, ComputerRoomsetc.   It will supply conditioned clean air equivalent to class 100, without putting any additional load on A/C. Self standing unit. All   sides decolam laminated with built-in silent Blower, pre filters, HEPA filters etc.

Fume Hood provides a circulation-free environment to eliminate cross-contamination in sterile techniques like tissue staining, culture growth and virus harvesting. Its large  area and convenient design give ample room for bulky equipment and    media preparation.Fabricated from thick fiberglass sheet with smooth and scratch free  surface duly enamel coated. Frame is fitted with transparent plexiglass having arrangement for keeping door open according to required height. When closed,  door will firmly mesh against the lining of long lasting rubber  gasket provided on all the sides of the front portion The hard board base is

covered with white sunmica for beauty and  smoothness. 

  • Built in U.V. Germicidal light.
  • Build in Fluorescent light.