Furnace Muffle high temp Temperature up to 1700°C digital/analog, platinum rod for heating the furnace. The casing is made of thick SS reinforced with riveting screw joints and welding whenever necessary heating zone consisting of rectangular horizontal shape totally enclosed ceramic muffle. Heating is done by silicon carbide rods assuring the most uniform heat. Light weight insulation is cast permanently into the furnace body which avoids loss of energy .furnace is equipped with a dependable digital controller calibrated 17000°C and is equipped with PT/RH thermocouple.

Temperature : The furnace can be operated continuously up to 1700°C. Temp. is controlled in front of the control panel with two indicating lights. The control panel is provided separately and consists of temp controls with two long life neon light which glows while the furnace is “ON”. Provided with volt meter ammeter to show flow of current the apparatus is complete with main lead with power plug to work on 220/230V AC.