All Heating Mantles are individually constructed and factory inspected for the highest Electrical standards. Each Heating element is incorporated in Woven Fiberglass Yarn and fitted into a spun Aluminum housing, powder coated. All Heating Mantles are supplied with built-in On-Off Energy Regulator.  Standard Heating Mantles are designed to take only one size of flask. Various sizes are available to fit round bottom flasks of capacity 100 ml to 20 Liters. The snug fit of the heating surface, which is in close contact with the flask, ensures good thermal efficiency.

• Thermal Insulation                  :         Ceramic Fiber
• Energy/ Digital controller           :         Built-in Simmer stat
• Max. Temperature                   :         Up to 450 Deg C
• Case construction                    :          Aluminum Spun Body Powder coated
• Mains chord                            :          3 Core, 2 Meter Long
• Mains Power                            :          220-240 V single Phase A/C
• Replacement element              :          Available