We are manufacturers of triple walled horizontal autoclave India since 1984. Our horizontal autoclave are widely used for day to day mass scale sterilization procedures and in various bulk laboratory applications, where dryness of the sterilized medium is of paramount importance, given the fact that semi dry sterilized media is prone to various micro-bacterial and viral infections. We specialize in both standard and customized models, specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of various scientists for individual and specialized research applications. Over a short period of time Esteem brand have been established as reliable exporters of horizontal autoclave in India, catering to the vast markets in South East Asia, Middle East, Africaand Europe. Apart from that we are supplying our autoclave in India, catering to a variety of customers ranging from Defense Installations, Research Laboratories, Educational Institutes and various R and D laboratories of leading national and multinational companies.


  • Steam Stock Provision
  • Versatile usage
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Energy Efficient
  • HEPA Filter
  • Double Safety Radial Locking Arrangement
  • Double Safety Valve Protection
  • Hydraulic Testing Up to 2.5 times the working pressure
  • Calibration And Protocol Documentation


Our horizontal cylindrical autoclaves are triple walled units. Outer body of our autoclave is constructed out of thick gauge stainless steel sheet of SS-304 grade. The inner chamber is also made of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet of SS-304/316 grade. The middle wall is also constructed from the strong and sturdy stainless steel sheet of ss-304 grade s stainless steel sheet. These are steam stocking models connected with a three way valve to control the sterilization cycle inside the autoclave. Our autoclaves are insulated by generous mineral glass ass wool insulation. The strong lid constructed out of thick stainless steel plate has a double safety radial locking arrangement, which ensures an easy and smooth opening and closing operation for all our autoclaves. The steam generator of the autoclave is also constructed from stainless steel sheet of gradess-304.Our horizontal autoclaves are ideally suited for hospitals and research labs where safety is the first priority of the users, since it is equipped with a double safety steam release valve. At the same time we test all our autoclaves for up to 2.5 times the standard working pressure to ensure maximum safety and protection from any unfortunate incident. All our horizontal autoclaves are supplied complete with pressure gauge, pressure release valve automatic pressure control switch, vacuum breaker and steam trap as a standard feature . Air removed during the vacuum cycle will be decontaminated by means of a HEPA filter Class H13/or higher. The unit is mounted on a tube stand constructed of high grade steel, which is duly pre treated with primers for rust proofing and painted with stove enamel. Extra for PLC Controller instead of digital Controller 25% extra for double door in all sizes. Temperature indication: ±1 % accuracy or better over the scale range 50 degree Celsius to 150 degree Celsius. Pressure Indication: ±1.6 % accuracy or better over the scale range 1 bar to 3 bar.


The heating process in our triple walled Horizontal autoclave is done through specially designed water heaters of suitable wattage to ensure optimum sterilization time in every sterilization cycle.



As per the international standards and guidelines our triple walled Horizontal autoclave have a working temperature of 121oc.however for specific requirements our autoclaves will  be upgraded to be used for up to 134° c.



Working pressure for our standard dry sterilization model Horizontal autoclave is 15 psi; however it will  be used for higher pressures of up to 30 psi.



The normal pressure range of our autoclave is 5 psi to 20 psi



The pressure inside our Horizontal autoclave is controlled through a semi automatic electro mechanical device called piezostat, which controls the pressure inside the chamber and cuts of the current from theheater whenever the pressure exceeds the set pressure value of the autoclave, thus making it very safe and energy efficient.



The pressure inside our Horizontal autoclave is controlled through a semi automatic electro mechanical device called piezostat, which controls the pressure inside the chamber and cuts of the current from the heater whenever the pressure exceeds the set pressure value of the autoclave, thus making it very safe and energy efficient.


This automatic system will be incorporated with our Horizontal autoclaves to give protection against the lowwater scenario under prolonged usages.



This semi-automatic device will be incorporated with the standard models of our Horizontal autoclave which helps the user to set the sterilization time of the system and do other tasks without bothering to monitor the sterilization cycle. This device cut off the current from the main system when the set value for a given sterilization cycle is attained and gives a loud audio alarm.



A solid state digital temperature controller cum indicator will  be incorporated with our basic Horizontal Autoclave models for ease of monitoring the temperature of the autoclave from a distance through its large LED display, which is visible from quite a distance.


A programmable micro processor based temperature controller cum indicator will be incorporated in our basic Horizontal autoclave models to pre program the sterilization cycle temperature with high amount of accuracy and reliability.



This a semi automatic self contained easy to use recording device, which permanently records thetemperature is any given sterilization cycle of our vertical autoclave on a graph sheet., with the help of abimetallic strip transducer chip incorporated in the unit.


Technical Features: Chart size:4” dia Accuracy:2% FSD Response time: 12 minutes


Sterilization Chamber will be insulated minimum of 50 mm thick R.B glass wool.

Shall have temperature, pressure and vacuum gauges.

Heating ; direct steam ,provided from an electrically- heated built in generator

Pressure and temperature readable by normal vision.



  • Hi-tech radial lock locking mechanism for ultimate ease of operation and safety.
  • Steam Release valve of Stainless Steel ensuring a long life of the equipment.
  • Huger grade spring loaded safety valve of brass, duly chrome plated.
  • Water Indication Gauge with stainless steel enclosure
  • High accuracy and reliable pressure gauge.
  • Multiple operating valves for the control of the sterilization cycle.
  • Accidental Vacuum Break Device: Ensuring vacuum break due to power failure or any other usage
  • Water Level Cut Off Device
  • Self-locking safety door-cannot be opened when chamber is under pressure.
  • Gauge glass with safety valves.
  • 3 phase 50Hz ac supply.
  • Operating pressure: 1.2kg/cm2
  • Operating temperature: 121-134 °C.
  • Electrically operated pressure-controlled device.
  • Heat resistant door silicon gasket for steam tight sealing.
  • Low water protection system to protect the electric heaters.
  • Drain temperature gauge - digital temp. Indicators / controllers.
  • Safety valve for the jacket.
  • Accidental vacuum breaker valve to prevent an accidental high vacuum during a power outage or other failure
  • CUT Hammer contractor for long trouble free usage
  • Specially designed ISI marked stainless steel heaters
  • Plug screen to prevent line choking due to sediment discharge
  • Highly accurate temperature and pressure gauges for boiler chamber and jacket
  • Operating Environment

    • The system designed to store and be operated normally under the conditions include mate, temperature and relative humidity.
    • Power supply: 220-440V/ 380-440 V (3 Phase). 50Hz fitted with appropriate plug. The power cable minimum 8 meters long .


    •              Standard Warranty : 2-5 Year .

Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclave
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Cusumized size are available as per Reqiuirment.

Size of Inner Chamber

(Dia x Depth)


400x600 mm

75 Liters


400x1100 mm

140 Liters


400x1200 mm

150 Liters


500x900 mm

165 Liters


500x1200 mm

220 Liters


Door : Single / Double Door  both are Available in this Model



Product Code:ESTA- 107