• High Temperature
  • Dual Chamber
  • Fully Automated
  • Top Feeding


Esteem incinerators are very useful to destroy the infectious waste material generated at healthcare facilities. These are of double walled wall construction ,duly insulated with high efficiency ceramic wool/bricks.Heating elements are of special design and are made from Kenthal/Nichrome wire.Separate doors are provided for waste burning chamber and for ash collecting tray.A chimney is provided for emission of fumes.

The chamber temperature is controleed by solid state digital temperature controller cum indicator.Thermistor controlled electrical system disengages itself after the temperature inside the chamber reaches the set temperature,which is around 700-900 degree celsius,and there after heat is generated by burning of wastes due to exothermic burning process. This assists in saving electrical energy.Easy to install & operate and extremely durable equipment.


Optional Accessories:

  • Emission chimney per running feet
  • Dilution Process System
  • Foul Odour Treatment System
  • Gravity Settler