FEATURED WITH ICE CONDENSOR, STAINLESS STEEL CHAMBER, hot gas/steam defrost system, programmable with LCD screen, >10 steps of drying. Shelf temperature -60°C  to -70°C, condenser temperature -60°C  to -65°C. Multiple ports for flask system, 220-240 V/ 50 Hz, Capacity  2-12 liters or more in 24 hr. can be used for 12.5 ml, 2.0 ml eppendorf tubes, 15ml, 50 ml tubes and vials sealed under vacuum system 350 liters/ minute for evacuation chamber in 30 min, oil mist eliminator, rotary vacuum pump and is ideal for use with a wide variety of drying accessories. Manifold with 8-10 port flask manifolds to the pilot production scale, temperature controlled shelf chambers. Temperature and pressure indicator. Easy drainage: condenser drains for 100 % collection of melted ice. CFC free refrigeration system. Lowest power consumption. Computer attachment availability.

Computer control operation 

Power light

Main emergency stop button

ON/OFF button

Exhaust Fan

Speed controller

high fiber fabrication 

Drum collector two sides spinning 

transparent door 

Overload trip- unit shut down for safety.

As per requirement.