• Versatile usage.
• Ergonomic Design
• Energy Efficient
• Long life
• Low Maintenance
• Calibration And Protocol Documentation

Heating: Indirect heating system is provided in our water bath, comprising of air heaters made of high grade Kanthal A-1 wires of suitable wattage. The temperature is evenly distributed throughout the chamber through natural water convection mechanism, ensuring a very good temperature sensitivity.

Temperature Range: Temperature range of our standard water bath models are 5?c ambient to 100?c. However we have the capacity to modify the same to suit the individual specialized requirements of our customers.

Temperature Sensitivity: Temperature inside our water bath are controlled with a sensitivity of + 0.5" c or better (With PID Controller).

Front Panel: Front panel of our water bath comprises of on/off switches heating and mains indicator lamps and temperature controller.

Our water baths are widely used for day to day bacteriological and varied laboratory applications requiring incubation as well as general tests and procedures in variety of research and testing laboratories including Wassermann, Kilmer tests. Apart from that, these refrigerated water baths have a variety of usages in tissue culture applications, enzyme reaction studies, growth observation studies, fermentation analysis and various other general and specialized applications in various laboratories.

Apart from that we are supplying our refrigerated water bath in India, catering to a variety of customers ranging from Defence Installations, Research Laboratories, Educational Institutes and various R& D laboratories of leading national and multinational companies.