• Material of the shaft is of Carbon steel(SS).
  • Trolley or bin is provided to collect waste.
  • Switch to reverse cutter rotation is available.
  • Type of drive motor : Induction motor.

Shredding capacity : 25 Kg/hr.

Gross weight of the machine (metric ton) : 350kg.

Tensile strength of the shaft(MPa): 520

MAximum RPM of the cutter (RPM) : 100

Contaminated waste recyclable is treated as per Bio-medical waste management rules,2016.

Gear box for speed reduction is available.

Input e,electrical supply requiremnt: 10,440,3 . 50

Finishe of enclosure is of powder coated.

Additional safety feature is its door open cutoff.

Waste loading method to chamber is with the help of hopper.

Size of loading chamber opening : 150mm width.

Size of Shredding chamber: 150mm Length.

Size of loading chamber opening : length 150mm

External Dimension: 

Heigth 1800mm

Width 900mm

Depth 600mm


Accessories is provided by the company itself at time of installation.(as per term and condition)