• Input power supply                        230±10% V AC, 50 Hz, 5A single phase AC
  • Power                                            1100 W
  • Tray                                               table top type with top opening
  • Operating temp                             37°C
  • Programmable temp. range           37°C to 56°C
  • Display                                         4×7 segment LED (Red)
  • Display resolution                        0.1°C
  • Temp. controller                         microprocessor based digital controller
  • Capacity (in terms of bags)                    12 regular plasma filled bags
  • External dimensions (l×d×h)                  701×390×372 mm
  • Tray                                              removable trays made of SS 304 stainless steel rods for holding

                                                      12 plasma bags.

  • Thawing system                          having a deep thawing chamber with ater maintained at 37°C                                   

                                                                  With pumping mechanism and inline heating system o ensure

                                                                  Uniform thawing. Filter near water inlet inside tank prevents

                                                                  Clogging and movement of dust into the pump.

  • Inner tank                                   stainless steel
  • Temp. sensing method                sealed sensor dipped directly in the water
  • Approx weight kg.                      35 kg
  • Manufacturing                            ISO 9001 : 2008, EN ISO 13485 : 2012
  • Uniform & optimum thawing           a high capacity pump ensures a streamlined flow to facilitate an optimum and uniform thawing of plasma can be used in lab. As water bath and in component separation room for the thawing of plasma
  • Prevents contamination                    a tray with indicidual compartments ensures that the ports of bags are kept above the water level during the procedure.
  • Saving space                               the compact table top plasma bath saves space.