For cleaning and disinfection of instruments, construct from robust non corrosive material.

Internal tank constructed from high grade stainless steel. With temperature control and Cleaning time control.

Capacity internal tank:   Minimum 21 liters

Technology : Microprocessor control

Heating:  Electric with adjustable temperature up to 93? C

Cleaning time:  Adjustable

Transducer:   Ultrasound, adjustable energy

Display:  LCD water proof

Dimensions External (mm) : 600 W X 340 D X 450 H approx

Power:    Single phase 240 V, 50Hz

Quality standards

Manufacturing standards:  IEC 60601-1, ISO 9001 or any other internationally recognized standards

Conformity to standards: CE marked/ FDA approved or any other internationally

recognized documents

Structural requirements

  1. Fabricated completely in Stainless Steel, tank and lid
  2. Equipped with a drain hose for easy drainage

Electrical requirements

  1. Voltage: 240V or 415V
  2. Frequency: 50Hz
  3. Phases: 1Ph
  4. Connected to all the electrical protection systems recommended by the manufacturer


Mechanical requirements

  1. Volumetric capacity: At least 5 Gallons (19 liters)

Installation requirements

  1. Supplier must:
    ? Include all the components, parts, bracings and assemblies required by the manufacturer to guarantee the proper and safe use of the equipment


  1. One (1) Set of Stainless Steel Basket
  2. One (1) Set of solutions required to perform at least for one month the cleaning of the instruments